2017 SAGE Annual General Meeting

The SAGE AGM will be held on Sunday 20 August 2017 at the SAGE Garden, 110 Queen Street, Moruya.

Come along to hear what SAGE has achieved in the last 12 months and share a morning tea. Everyone — members and non-members — are welcome to attend.

SAGE is a volunteer run, community organisation. At its helm are interested and engaged people that have families, jobs, businesses, homes, farms and animals — just like you.

In a very part-time manner, these people have managed to get SAGE to what it is today. And it’s not the same people year in, year out, although some of us have been there since inception. Every year we hold our AGM at which all the positions on the executive become vacant and you, the membership, nominate and vote for individuals who you think will take SAGE where you think it needs to go.

The AGM is the best time to come along and to have a talk about what SAGE has done in the past year, the types of things you think it should do this coming year, where we as an organisation have fallen over, what we could do better, to voice any concerns or opinions you might have at all.

If you think that the current executive has done a good job over the past term then don’t leave it be, come along and say so and offer some direction for the next term. Maybe even consider nominating for a position on the executive. We definitely welcome and need new blood and new ideas.

The positions on the executive will be:


The President ensures that SAGE the organisation stays focused on its aim to develop a healthy local food system. The President role maintains a strategic oversight of the direction, governance and accountability of SAGE.

The President keeps an awareness of members views, and what is going on in the community and nationally in relation to the SAGE vision. The President is a representative of and spokesperson for SAGE in the media, meetings, consultations and partnerships. The President conducts monthly executive meeting and maintains contact with the executive via email and phone.

Vice President

The Vice President also plays a strategic role in SAGE, providing direction and leadership to assist SAGE to implement its aims. The Vice President fills in and conducts the monthly executive meetings in the absence of the President.


The Secretary is vital to the ongoing smooth running of the organisation, ensuring that all administration and organisational matters are taken care of. This person needs to be well-organised and available to the wider membership as well as the executive, as they are the communication channel from the membership and wider community to the executive and back. The Secretary is the go-to point of communication for the executive and keeps them informed of dates, meetings, agendas and other pressing matters. The Secretary takes minutes at the executive monthly meetings and circulates these to all executive members. The Secretary receives emails, letters and phone communications from members and the public and directs these to where they need to go.


Keeps the books including preparing monthly and annual financial statements.The Treasurer also also keeps track of memberships and allotment holder fees and maintains the membership database.

Education Officer and Events Team

The Education Officer organises the education program, finds presenters, advertises workshops, communicates with participants, collects money from the workshops, maintains the fee structure, arranges venues, ensures participants at workshops have materials, tea, coffee, lunch as required.

Over the past year the Education Portfolio has included an Events Team comprising a small team of people co-ordinated by the Education Officer. Events include but are not limited to, film nights, crop specific fiestas, panel discussions, long table dinners, Friday night summer gatherings or regular Vinyl and Veg sessions. These events are intended to expose what SAGE does to the wider community, develop a member base, encourage and include younger members, and raise funds.

The Events Team assists the Education Officer to develop and implement events and workshops, including through promotion and catering.

Council Liaison

Deals with all matters council. Communicates the SAGE position with Councillors, department staff and the General Manager of the Shire. Maintains a strong and consistent voice with all matters food and agriculture at council level.

Communications and Social Media

The role will involve communicating with paper and radio media and informing the wider public through those channels what SAGE does, is doing, will do. This position will have social media responsibilities and includes managing the Facebook page and may include updating information on SAGE’s website. Training will be provided.

Working Bee Co-ordinator

This role identifies the tasks that need to be done at the SAGE Block through communicating with the SAGE market gardener, the members, the executive and community groups and scheduling those tasks into jobs that can be undertaken at monthly SAGE working bees and Friday afternoon summer sessions. They may be required to organise materials for those jobs and allocate tasks to attendees of the working bees on the day or prior. The Working Bee Co-ordinator informs the Secretary and the media person as to what jobs will be undertaken at the next working bee so it may be communicated with plenty of notice to the membership.

Additional roles

Further to the above executive roles, the following positions liaise with the executive:

Newsletter Co-ordinator

The SAGE Newsletter is currently a bi-monthly publication with the view of being a regular monthly issue. Regular contributions are provided by the President, Past President, Education Officer, and includes what’s happening at the market and in the garden. The newsletter also includes any relevant information from third party organisations such as Landcare and SCPA and relevant stories from members. The newsletter is prepared using wordpress with predefined templates. There will also be times that content is included and or updated on the website using WordPress. The person in this role is required to follow up on required articles and images, make suggestions for stories that are interesting and informative, ensures that the newsletter is presented in a professional manner. Training will be provided in how to use Mailchimp and WordPress.

Fruit Fly Awareness Coordinator

A role to be taken very seriously. Fruit fly continues to have a heavy impact on food production and producers here in the Eurobodalla. This position requires extensive knowledge of the Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni), either existing or willing to learn. SAGE has some information on file, and the internet is extensive. This position is for anyone who loves eating local tomatoes, capsicums, stonefruit etc who wants to support local food producers, by encouraging more people to be proactive about fruit fly control and management in their own backyards.

This is a very active role, requiring commitment to organising workshops, coordinating control campaigns, liasing with Council etc. Lots of support will be provided by the Education Officer and SAGE’s current fruit fly control activist, Kyle Levier.

Charity Food Program

Allotment Representative and Coordinator

SAGE Block Maintenance Co-ordinator (watering, mowing, whipper snippering etc.)

Dedicated crews are also required for the various SAGE sub-committees

SAGE Farmers Market

Southeast Harvest Festival (this sub-committee is seeking volunteers to help develop and implement the 2018 program)

Seed Savers

Two or more roles may be held by one person. This is especially the case currently with the sub-commitees.

We’ve divided the roles up in order to spread the workload as widely as possible, so that we all may enjoy what SAGE does and what we can do for it without it becoming a burden, as is common in many volunteer organisations.

Come along and get involved! You will find it both challenging and rewarding.

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