Growing the community
We aim to encourage agricultural models that support thriving local economies, robust communities and a healthy environment.

Stepping Stone Farm (SSF) will be a training farm for new growers. The farm will be a working market garden with all associated infrastructure, tooling, vehicles and machinery to ensure a viable market farming business.

The Farm and its program, based on organic and regenerative farming practices, will provide opportunities for new farmers to develop the skill set sand experience to run a successful farm enterprise, and the knowledge to develop a business plan. With the knowledge, skills and experience these new farmers will have better chance of securing capital and land access, and as a result be more likely to succeed in realising their farm.

Our current plan is that Stepping Stone Farm will open in early 2020.

The SAGE Market Garden Internship is one of the most important programs we have developed since we began.

Every year since 2013, we have trained a new vegetable grower and supported them as they ventured out to set up their own enterprises in our community.

Applications for the 2020 internship will be opening soon. 

Contact SAGE to register your interest.




The first SAGE Farmers Market was held on New Year’s Day 2013 at Riverside Park, Moruya. Since that first sunny Tuesday afternoon, the market has established a reputation as an authentic and respected farmers market. In July 2014, it was awarded “Outstanding Farmers’ Market” at delicious. Magazine‘s Annual Produce Awards – an extraordinary achievement in just 18 months. Even more extraordinary was another win for the same award in 2015.

When you buy something at the SAGE Farmers Market, you can be confident that the person you’re buying it from either grew it, harvested it or made it. That’s what makes a farmers market different. There are no middle-men, no wholesalers and everything was grown and made within our local area.

This market is also different because it’s held every Tuesday afternoon. When people can buy local produce every week as part of a normal shopping routine, it has a huge impact on the community. It means farmers can afford to stay on the land and continue to produce quality food in a sustainable way. It means the local economy stays strong and it means we continue to have access to the freshest, healthiest food possible.

The market is another mainstay of SAGE’s activities and with the support of the Eurobodalla Shire Council, is now returning funds back to SAGE to continue our work to “grow the growers”.

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