Australia’s first community owned local food hub coming soon to Brisbane

Food Connect in Brisbane have just succeeded in raising enough money through a PledgeMe equity crowdfunding campaign to purchase their currently rented site in Brisbane. The Food Connect Shed will be a food hub like no other, owned by it’s community. Imagine what the current supermarket complexes look like, but without massive rents paid to a corporation and those funds being turned towards making local farmers more viable. Then imagine other food and creative businesses as part of the complex and all businesses within the complex sharing the ultimate goal that the surrounding community and visitors experience a place that connects them to urban food makers, local farmers, market gardeners and each other.

The Food Connect Shed vision is to create a world where everyone has access to healthy, fresh, ecologically-grown food that is fair to growers, buyers, and the planet. They want to transform the food system. They believe the next step towards this vision is to create a working hub for the regional food economy, owned by the community. And they’ve pulled off the hardest bit. This is huge boon to all communities around Australia, because the model now exists to be replicated elsewhere. Stay tuned and if you’re interested to dig deeper into the model, start here.

This is nothing less than an historic event for Australia and we congratulate everyone at Food Connect on this achievement. We wish them continuing success!

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