Group Visits

16 September, 2009 saw the first visit to the SAGE site by a school group. Around 45 students and their teachers from St Mary’s Primary school in Moruya walked to the site to see the beginnings of our gardens.

Stuart Scobie showed them around the site, from the first demonstration gardens planted for the Slow Food Celebration, to the newly planted 6-bed rotation beds.

It was encouraging to see how many children (about one third) came from homes that grew some vegetables. The school has begun its own garden beds and will follow the progress of the SAGE site with great interest.

To book your group in for a SAGE tour, contact the SAGE Secretary.

A large group of attentive primary school students gather around the SAGE President to learn about the SAGE Project

An introduction to SAGE given by Stuart Scobie

The students congregate around the 6-bed rotation garden for a briefing on its progress

Checking out the newly planted beds