SAGE Executive Meeting — 12 October, 2010

1. Attendance
Stuart Whitelaw, Janet Kohler-Bond, Stuart Scobie, Michael Hulse, Fraser Bayley, John Bourne, Walter Kohler, Penny Cook

2. Apologies
John Bourne apologised for the second half of the meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by Stuart Scobie and seconded by Fraser Bayley.

Matters arising are all dealt with below.

4. Financial report
Janet reported a balance of $19,705.56 noting that the amount of $18,950 is grant money. Therefore, there is a cash balance of $755.56.

5. Corn workshop
Fraser explained the details of his idea and everyone agreed it was a great way to start our ‘public’ education series. It will be advertised for 31 October from 10 am to 12.30 pm at a cost of $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Fraser will email the details to Penny for sending out to members.

6. Friday picking
After discussion it was agreed that members will be invited to assist with picking produce for the markets and restaurants on Wednesday mornings (SW will be at the block) around 7.30 – 8 and Friday afternoons (John Bourne will be at the block) around 5.30 – 6. Those members will have the opportunity to buy available produce at a reduced cost on those days.

7. Distribution policy
It was agreed that members who have adopted commercial beds will be given the produce from the last 4 metres (closest to the river) of their gardens. This equates to approximately 20% of the bed.

8. Field day
Program – Kirsti, Kerry and Sonia are working on this with SW
Food – Cameron has been invited to bring his tandoor oven for the day
Toby and Fiona will be doing falafel rolls with SAGE broad beans and pocket bread cooked on site, with a price of about $7
Kirsti may be doing picnic baskets
Tubby Harrison would be happy to run a barbeque
Toilets – SW to talk to the supplier for the SF day to see if they can move the toilets to the SAGE block for the field day
Power – Two generators are available
Parking – Along the sides of the road
Advertising Posters/DL flyer – SW to liaise with Kirsti, Kerry and Sonia
Demonstrations – Discussion about all the different things that are planned
Stalls – There will be a possible 20 stalls on the day. The SAGE stall will include a membership drive. PC to talk to Peter Freeman about selling Christmas cards on the day.
Stall holders will be asked for a donation and entry to the day will be by gold coin.

9. River feast
PC reported that everything is on track.

10. Working bee program and education spot
Most of the work on Sunday will be cleaning up and preparing for the field day as well as the following:

  • Weeding, particularly around the numbered posts on commercial beds
  • Mulching – MH will bring in some straw and we can use what’s in the windrows as well as begin drying out the grass that has been cut
  • Building a bean trellis
  • Preparation of sites for wicking garden beds.

It was decided not to have an education spot this month.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9am.