SAGE Executive Meeting — 2 December, 2010

Stuart Whitelaw, Janet Kohler-Bond, Stuart Scobie, Fraser Bayley, John Bourne, Penny Cook, Sue Barford, Lisa Reade, Sue Jameson, Sonia Bazzacco

Kerrie Obst, Michael Hulse

1. Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by John Bourne and seconded by Stuart Scobie.

There were no matters arising.

2. Financial report
Janet tabled the financial report noting a profit of approximately $4700 from the river feast and the open day. There may be some more invoices to pay.

3. Debrief and future directions

River Feast
During discussion the following points were made:

  • It was agreed that the next feast should be fully catered as a sit-down dinner
  • Thought needs to go into the music during dinner as it was too loud at times
  • The band was great to dance to but if we have a bush dance next time there needs to be a caller and it would be preferable to have a dance floor if it is held in the marquee again
  • It might be worthwhile having a board up somewhere with all the food information.

Open day
During discussion the following points were made:

  • It was agreed that the music and speakers should be staggered so they don’t clash
  • There need to be two lemonade stalls and more food stalls
  • It was agreed that SAGE people should wear SAGE t-shirts and/or hats to identify them and there need to be teams of people looking after different aspects of the day
  • Parking should be closer to the venue to entice people to come further up the road
  • There should be more seating around the block and it was agreed that some permanent seat will be put in place during the next 12 months
  • The event needs to be better promoted
  • It was agreed that this could be a stand-alone event rather than joining with the slow food celebration because we will be wanting to stage the open day more often than every 16 months
  • Sue Barford is liaising with Stephen Rosenberg about a joint event with the River of Art which could involve a SAGE food component.

4. Secretary’s position
Due to other commitments Penny advised that she will be stepping down from the secretary’s position as soon as possible. She is happy to continue on as membership secretary but needs to off-load the rest of the secretarial duties. John Bourne will talk to a new member, Louise Dove, who may be interested in taking on the position temporarily until it can be filled.

5. Cheque signatories
Penny noted that there are more signatories than are needed. Stuart Scobie will unregister as soon as all the present financial commitments are completed. Stuart Whitelaw will go to IMB to register.

6. Working bee program
The following jobs will be undertaken at the next working bee on 12 December

  • Sorting and packing of crockery/cutlery for storage at Harrisons
  • Preparation and replanting of commercial beds that are finished, e.g. broad beans
  • General tidying up – mowing/whipper snippering, etc.
  • A vegie sale of what’s available on the day
  • A free sausage sizzle to celebrate the end of the year.

7. Any other business
SW talked about the need for a public meeting early in the new year to harness the energy and excitement that has come out of the open day. From this meeting there needs to be a new secretary appointed plus someone who can coordinate the new seedlings needed for the commercial beds. It was suggested that Phil Timms be invited to join and become that person.

Stuart also advised that he and Fraser have been talking to the people at Eurocare who would be interested in some of their clients becoming involved in the garden. There may also be an opportunity for funding for a permanent coordinator.

Penny advised she has been in touch with Centrelink about SAGE being placed on their records as a ‘not for profit’ community organisation which will give us the ability to engage unemployed customers in voluntary work. She has the form but will wait until the new secretary is appointed who can then complete it and return it to Centrelink.

Fraser highlighted the importance of establishing a 12-month program of education/workshops early in the new year.

Meeting closed at 7 pm.