SAGE Farmers Markets off and running


While activity on the SAGE website has been quiet for a considerable time now (but we’re planning to change that), rest assured SAGE itself has been feverishly working on many different projects. Most significant is the birth of the SAGE Farmers Market now held every Tuesday from 3pm at Riverside Park, Moruya.

This is a vitally important development in supporting our local growers and bolstering our local food economy. The community has responded with enthusiasm and we already have 20-25 stall holders every week, selling everything from fresh veggies, honey, eggs, mushrooms, oysters as well as value-add products such as pickles & chutneys, dips, bread & pastries and more.

After a 2 month trial, the market has been given the official nod for a permanent residency along the banks of the Moruya River on Tuesday afternoons. The unusual timeslot has proven a bonus for local growers and customers alike. It provides an added opportunity to sell more produce for growers and parents are relishing the chance to get fresh local produce mid-week after school with their kids. The market stays open long enough for workers in town to get their fresh food after knock-off as well.

On Tuesday the 16th of April, the SAGE Farmers Market Committee is throwing a launch party to celebrate its permanent status.¬†There’ll be live music, family games, great prizes and a free organic sausage sizzle and SAGE barbequed corn on the cob!

Join us to celebrate from 3pm Tuesday 16th April at Riverside Park, Moruya.

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