SAGE General Meeting — 22 August, 2010

1. Attendance
Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook, Chris Cameron, Penny Ryan, Phillip Myssonski, Barry Battersby, Walter Kohler, Janet Kohler-Bond, Peter Freeman, Chas Read, Stuart Scobie, Michael Hulse, Peter Gow, Fraser Bayley, John Bourne, Helen Coreau, Doug Coreau, Jim Caddaye, Emily Smith

2. Apologies 
Sue Barford, Frank Comber, Guy Neumann, Helma Neumann

3. Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the previous executive meeting were accepted by Fraser Bayley and seconded by Stuart Scobie.

Matters arising are all dealt with below.

4. Draft produce distribution policy
Stuart Scobie outlined the policy and advised that it will go to the executive for the final OK before being sent to all members.

5. Membership fees
It was decided to leave the membership fee at $10 per person payable at the beginning of each calendar year.

6. Priorities for members
Walter talked about the urgent need for a fence around the whole block to stop the rabbits and for security. This will be a priority until completed.

Stuart W. advised he met with some Narooma people on 5th August (Matt Deveson from the Whale Motor Inn plus two ladies) who are interested in starting a community garden there. There was discussion about the possibility of SAGE being an umbrella organisation for such gardens around the region.

7. Water supply
The bore water will have a solar pump very shortly and Fraser will organise drip lines, etc. for most of the block.

8. River Feast
Preparations are going well and there seems to be a great deal of interest.

9. SAGE Field Day
Stuart W. is to meet with Sonia Bazzacco on Monday re preparations for the field day – music, activities for children, etc.

Penny C. asked members to be thinking about produce for the stall. Doug and Helen Coreau have a surplus of citrus fruit which Penny will advertise for possible jam and marmalade makers.

It was suggested that we could have a second-hand clothing stall as well.

10. Any other business
Chas Read suggested a regular stall (perhaps at working bees to begin with) where members could sell or swap any surplus produce they might have from home, and where we could sell SAGE produce.

Chas advised that the TAFE marketing teacher is very interested in SAGE and has volunteered his services to write a marketing plan for us. Chas will liaise with him re this.

It was suggested that we need a regular spot in the local press so people become more aware of SAGE. Penny has written a number of media releases and will begin writing a monthly piece for the Moruya Examiner in October.

Michael Hulse talked about the possibilities for the future re selling his and SAGE produce from a stall at the markets.

Stuart W. asked people to look for a large sink which we will need for washing and preparation of produce before sale.

Stuart S. advised members of the outcomes from the recent Moruya Markets AGM. They recognise the issue of trucks coming from out of area with produce from Sydney or elsewhere. A motion was passed for SAGE and Stuart S. to develop a five-year plan with the goal for produce sellers being 50% regional produce by the fifth year on a sliding scale from 10% in the first year. He will work with the executive to draft a document. He also advised that the markets donate $20,000 to the community each year. They have decided to offer a grant of $5000 each year for an activity or event in the park which might be worth looking at for a SAGE event.

Janet K-B talked about the fund raising committee the Bay City Players has and it was decided to form one of these at the next executive meeting.

Walter K expressed concern about over-watering and suggested we need some education about this. Penny C. will send another email to the watering group highlighting the problem and how to test for soil moisture content.

The meeting closed at 11.00 a.m.