TAFE & SAGE — On site 10 November, 2009

After a little more rain, the soil was in a good condition for a final cultivation with a rotary hoe. As there is no established infrastructure for watering, it has been decided to plant out the main cropping area to lucerne for a summer crop. this will be harvested for compost and bed mulching material.

Maintenance of the 6-bed vegetable garden has been pretty undemanding, as the mulch has suppressed the weeds. Given the very limited watering, the beds have been very productive. Cabbage white butterfly has found the brassicas, and a spray of Dipel, a caterpillar specific bacteria was applied.

A TAFE student sprays for caterpillars in the brassicas

Control of cabbage white butterfly with Dipel

A SAGE member uses a man-powered seed spreader on the newly cultivated area

Sewing the lucerne seed

A bed in the 6-bed rotation garden is overflowing with leafy green vegetables

More greens ready for harvest

TAFE students work together to maintain the 6-bed rotation garden

Weeding and watering the 6 beds

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