TAFE & SAGE — Second semester

Our plantings have survived the break and the rabbits. We even had a little rain to help things along.
Today the main tasks are

  • moving some of the first batch of compost to the site for mulch
  • planting out the tomatoes- many local growers have found that with the recent cold snap, their summer crops have become dormant and are waiting for the soil to warm again
  • Planting out the raspberries that were struck from cuttings

TAFE students load the compost they've made into a ute for transport to the SAGE site

Loading up the compost

TAFE students plant out the tomato seedlings they raised indoors

Planting out the tomatoes having dug some of the compost into the prepared bed

A shot of the raspberry canes in place

Planting out the raspberry canes

A shot of the various leafy greens planted in another bed in the 6-bed rotation garden

The bed of leafy greens is very happy -- the tatsoi is ready for picking

TAFE students spread the compost they made around the brassicas

Spreading compost around the brassicas -- Chinese cabbage and broccoli

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