TAFE & SAGE — Soil testing on site

Graham Lown took the TAFE class to the SAGE site to conduct some simple soil tests.

A TAFE lecturer uses a hand auger to obtain a soil sample

A 150ml hand auger was used to sample some undisturbed soil

The soil samples had to be retrieved by hand as they would not clump in the auger

The test hole was 600mm deep and required hand excavation as the soil would not clump in the auger

The soil showed a very slight change in colour at about 350mm below the surface but there was no change in soil “horizon”. The top layer is classified as A1, the lower layer A2. This depth of soil is exceptional, but perhaps typical of the Moruya River flats.

A shot illustrating the changes in the soil profile

The soil samples were carefully spread out to recreate the soil "profile"

A closeup of a moistened clump of soil being manipulated like play-dough

Testing the plasticity of the soil

A closeup of a pH testing kit being used with some small samples of soil

Testing the pH of A1 and A2 horizons

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