The SAGE management committee

SAGE has a management committee of 8 people, and plenty of sub-committees that get stuff done!

The management committee meets monthly and there’s always plenty of catchups, emails, phone calls and work to be done in between as well.  Business as usual includes overseeing projects such as the Farmers Market, SAGE Garden, intern program, seed savers, Veggies for All, food distribution, education, events, workshops, catering (like the very successful 10th Anniversary pizza and cake party at the garden enjoyed by 160 people!), grants, and promotion.

The committee is currently reviewing the 2016 Strategic Plan, and working on the Stepping Stone Farm initiative. 

Your management committee executive members are Mark Barraclough, Jan Maitland and Neil Dolphin, and ordinary members are Stuart Whitelaw, Sandra Makdessi, Trevor Moore, Kathryn Stonestreet and Cath Reilly. 

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