Working Bee — 17 October, 2010

We seem to have a knack of turning on great weather for our days in the garden. Saturday was freezing (8 degrees) raining and windy. Sunday was balmy and mild, the perfect day for a good spring clean.

There were no huge projects on the schedule for today, just consolidation and getting ready for the big Field Day on November 21.

Members were impressed with ‘polehenge’ — our beginning of a rain water collecting roof. Twenty large hardwood poles were erected ready to support the trusses and roof structure. A double load of special road base has been donated by our local garden centre and will soon be placed and compacted to form a floor for our roofed area.

A photo of the thick timber poles being erected to create the basic structure for the covered outdoor learning area

Polehenge underway

There has been quite a bit of cleaning up to do after the strong winds brought down some of the black wattles and casuarinas.

The garden is producing copious quantities of food at present. The cabbages that have been netted are safe from the cabbage white caterpillar, but those in the open are starting to be attacked. We have been picking beetroot, spring onion, cos lettuce, radish, turnip, broccoli, and silver beet. The first cauliflowers are ready.

SAGE members working together on the commercial cropping area to tidy beds and level paths

Spring clean in full swing

A SAGE member holds a generously proportioned turnip up to the camera

Turnip pickle, anyone?

Beds were weeded, carrots thinned, and paths cleared using the wonderful wheel hoe followed up by a McLeod tool (or rake hoe). We formed a new path at the southern end of the beds to provide a weed barrier and a route for self guided tours on the open day.

The lettuce bed was extended with new plantings.

SAGE members hand thinning rows of carrots in the commercial cropping area

Hand thinning the carrots

The worm farm baths had proper hinged lids fitted, and are starting to produce the essential “worm juice”.

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