Working Bee — 19 February, 2012

With our big day with Costa coming up, there were plenty of jobs to do, especially in the area between our poles and the road. Our old herb bed was cleared and plants divided and bagged for replanting. The old lavenders were taken out.

SAGE members restack the compost piles and add loads of pigeon poo

Restacking the compost

The compost heaps we made before Christmas were turned and combined into one heap with the addition of several bags of pigeon poo! The aroma was heady to say the least.

SAGE members brushcutting grass in the fruit tree orchard

Tidying the orchard

The orchard trees were weeded and mulched, and the mesh fence (which was hoped would keep rabbits out of the commercial beds) was removed.

The wood from our old wattle trees is now well seasoned and was restacked under cover, ready for use in the tandoor.

SAGE members patiently pod great loads of kidney beans

Podding beans

We harvested some of the borlotti and red kidney beans which were then podded for drying. The amount of great storable protein that just one row yields is amazing. It is no wonder they are such a staple inItaly.

The corn crop is still producing like mad and it looks like we have a hundred or so butternut pumpkins that will be ready in a few weeks time for the South East Harvest.

SAGE members weed and tidy the 6-bed rotation garden and wicking beds

Tidying up the wicking beds

The wicking beds were weeded and the raised beds cleared for their next rotation. We were given another wonderful wicking bed from Joe Hooper at Congo who is manufacturing them for sale. It is a narrower unit than our others and is ideal for a kitchen greens or herb plot.

The worm baths were checked and they were given a special treat of some horse manure. The liquid from the worm farms is our main fertiliser.

It was great to see several new members as well as visitors to SAGE. As always the kids all had a ball (as well as being occasionally helpful).

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