Working Bee — 20 December, 2009

After a few showers there has been enough growth on the site for us to do a clean up before Christmas. It is pretty sad when you are happy that the weeds are growing.

Moruya has had less than half its average rainfall for the year so far (430mm with 10 days to go). It hasn’t been an easy time for our crops.

The six bed garden continues to amaze, with good moisture levels retained by the massive amounts of organic matter in the soil.

Moruya had the hottest day of the year to date last week (41 degrees C), with a scorching North Westerly blowing up the river valley. The climbing beans got singed on their tips, but apart from that the vegies survived.

The winds have destroyed our old nectarine tree which we had been trying to resuscitate. It was removed at the working bee, and was covered in fruit.

The main jobs for the day were to:

  • slash the weeds over the whole site
  • frame up the lean-to ready for cladding and concrete the posts
  • weed the gardens, pick beans, lettuce and zucchini
  • mulch the orchard, slash the main cropping area and generally tidy up.

The lucerne seed has started to germinate in the main cropping area, but the reeds (phragmytes) are coming through strongly. We plan to keep slashing them to increase the organic matter and to provide a mulch.

SAGE members saving broad bean seeds for planting next season

After cleaning out one of the original garden beds, we saved the dried broad beans for next year's seed

A SAGE member whipp-snippering the tall grass around the loading ramp

Chris cutting the grass on the loading ramp

A SAGE member raking freshly cut mulch around the fruit orchard trees

Janet raking the freshly cut mulch around the apricot

A SAGE member slashing weeds in the cultivated cropping area

Phil slashing the formed up cropping beds

A SAGE member mowing around the fruit orchard trees

Richard mowing the orchard

A SAGE member cleaning up under the lemon tree

Stuart cleaning up under the lemon tree

A SAGE member brushcutting the tough and persistent reeds in the cropping beds

Walter brushcutting the reeds -- he slashed the entire half hectare

A view of the cleaned up site at the end of the working bee

After 2 full hours we had a clean site

In about 2 hours we had ticked all the boxes, and could relax for the Christmas break. Our focus now is to get our water infrastructure in place.

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