Working Bee — 20 February, 2011

There was another great turnout for the first working bee of the year, and it was terrific to see so many children and young adults in the garden. We also had a visit from a Sunday School class who want to take up an allotment.

A shot of knee-high grass being mown with a struggling old push-mower

The kikuyu was dense and lush, and tested out this old slasher

SAGE members retrieved some strawberry plants they discovered after removing waist-high weeds from a bed in the commercial cropping area

Digging up and potting the strawberries

A group of young Sunday Schoolers take a tour of the allotment area

A group of keen gardeners checking out the allotments

Once again the grass has got away from us. With the recent purchase of a second hand ride on mower, this will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Our main tasks for the day were to:

  • Clean out the 6 bed rotation garden ready for Eurocare to take over
  • Clean out the wicking bed.
  • Weed the herb garden
  • Slash and rake the grass into windrows and mulch the orchard
  • Establish new vegetable beds

There are a few areas of slashing remaining after the working bee, but the main tasks were ticked off the list.

A SAGE member rakes up huge piles of kikuyu growing around the poles erected for the future covered outdoor learning area

Brushcutters got a good workout

SAGE members dig out the remaining potato crop to prepare for planting of new crops

Finding buried treasure you can eat

The new commercial rows were planted with carrot and beetroot.

The final row of potatoes were harvested and bagged.

SAGE members preparing more cropping beds with the hand tools

More beds prepared for more crops

We can now plan the year ahead, with great soil moisture levels, and masses of organic matter for compost.

A young SAGEr shows a "potato man" to the camera

Amazing who you find buried in the soil

SAGE members fill sacks with freshly harvested potatoes

Bagging the spuds

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