Working Bee — 28 February, 2010

Another very successful working bee was held on the last Sunday in February with a great attendance.

Despite the heat (37 degrees and sticky) a huge amount was achieved once again – a large proportion of irrigation pipe was laid, the roller door was hung on the lock-up side of the shed, fruit fly infested tomatoes and chillies were removed and some pumpkins were harvested.

As well, the new bore was pumped out, 40+ commercial beds were formed up with a number being planted with potatoes, and much weeding, mowing and whipper-snippering was completed.

In the following week, the beds that were not planted out to potatoes were sowed with a green manure crop (a mix of lupins, peas and mustard).

No sooner had the beds been sown than it rained again!

The moisture content in the soil is just wonderful, and already we can see changes in the structure from the incorporation of organic matter.

A SAGE member whipper snippering the grass around the fruit orchard trees

Slashing the orchard

SAGE members planting out seed potoates in the commercial cropping beds

Planting out the seed potatoes

A SAGE member using a mechanical trench digger for the irrigation pipes to be laid

Michael operating the trencher for the irrigation lines

A SAGE member forming up the commercial cropping beds with a small tractor

Fraser completing the turning in of the green manure and forming up the main cropping beds

SAGE members fitting a second-hand roller door to the tool shed, getting closer to lock-up stage

Fitting the roller door

SAGE members rolling out a large and awkward coil of irrigation pipe into the trench

Wrestling the irrigation pipe

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