Working Bee — 28 March, 2010

A couple of young SAGErs holding the concept drawing of the SAGE site

The future of our garden

After the big rains we have very big weeds. One of the main on site weeds is a Solanaceae known as “apple of Peru” which must really like these conditions — some were over 2 metres high. It is reputed to repel white fly, so we should have banished all white fly from a large area!

The main tasks for today were to re-establish and replant the 6 bed rotation garden, clear the paths from the commercial garden, and generally tidy up around the shed. Another great turn out saw all of these jobs ticked off, and the site looking less like a jungle and more a community garden.

Since the last working bee, Holger has finished the roof on the shed and is continuing to clad the walls (thanks Holger) , the green manure crop has germinated well and the potatoes are poking through. We have harvested pumpkins and hope to store enough of the “Jarradale” for the feast in November.

SAGE members clearing the paths of weeds in the commercial cropping beds

Clearing the paths in the commercial section

SAGE members preparing the 6-bed rotation garden for a new round of planting out

The 6-bed rotation garden was given a clean-up, ready for new crops

SAGE members clearing up around the shed

New members Ruth and Hugh did a great tidy up around the shed

A SAGE member whipper-snippering the never-ending weeds

Chris again did a huge job on the brushcutter

Kids helping a SAGE member sort out some seeds

The first kids' seed sowing group

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