Growing the community
SAGE is a not-for-profit, community based organisation whose mission is to create and support a NSW South Coast sustainable fair food economy and food sovereignty for local communities.


Sustainability is achieved through practices that enable a lifestyle providing enough for everyone, forever.

Education is the main driver of SAGE’s contribution to sustainable living in the Eurobodalla. Our workshops cover topics from growing to cooking and everything in between.

New sustainable enterprises are emerging, such as the SAGE Seed Savers and a collaborative Institute of Sustainability with other local education providers.



Food production is the bedrock of a strong local economy and essential for a resilient local food system.

The award-winning SAGE Farmers Market has had a significant positive impact for our local producers, making small-scale farming commercially viable once again.

The SAGE Market Garden Internship is at the heart of our mission to “grow the growers” and has produced a new vegetable grower for the community every year since 2013.



Home gardening is a rewarding activity and is another important contributor to local food security.

The SAGE Garden demonstrates how we can all grow our own food in our home gardens. It is also a gathering place for other community groups and is the venue for many SAGE social events.

Our garden is a place filled with life and the promise of delicious meals to share. It is the heart of SAGE.



Through the seasonal celebrations and other social events, SAGE connects to the Eurobodalla community.

The growing and eating of food brings people together, creating strong community connections between individuals, groups and organisations.

SAGE is a volunteer organisation created and driven by members who live within our community. People are at the centre of everything we do.




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